Standing Ovation, Seated

LIFE IN ART HISTORY. When artists want to show life, they usually opt for cheerful and joyful images of it. In those rare cases when they don’t or can afford not to care about selling their work to a wealthy individual, they introduce someone who is very old or just show death in their picture. The fact that people of different ages look at life differently was common knowledge even at the time when the shrink profession was not even in the making.

The theme of different ages, normally split in three stages, has been present in art in the last 500 years, and each century and art school looked into this well of joy and sorrow with varying success.

Here are the milestones.

c.500 years ago

Three ages of man by Giorgione (he also established the reclining nude theme)

This painting is also called Reading a Song. Whatever…

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