Standing Ovation, Seated

There’s art to see and art to watch.
Art to watch is the kind of art that draws viewers in and doesn’t let them go.

This blog, generally, is about art that draws people in. Not everyone, obviously, but me, a few of my friends, and a few million others to whom I have not yet been properly introduced. This is why today’s Daily Prompt is not a prompt for me but a reason to show one more artist who has been an underevaluated genius of the art-to-watch domain for the last 150 years.

His name was Nikolai Ge and he could revolutionise religious art, were Christian viewers not so locked into canon, habit, and distrust of alternative points of view on Biblical events.

Alas, Ge’s views were supported by a tiny minority of intellectuals during his lifetime, and then the Soviets did all they could to position the artist as an…

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