Parma: Bapristery that makes you consider baptism

Standing Ovation, Seated

While I am readying up Modigliani’s second nude that I promised, I travel through Italy and just can’t hold it back. I also think you may love some beauty shown in simple ways, without me preaching art criticism all the way.

This huge, and proportionally an awkward edifice is Parma’s Baptisterium. Its construction began in the 12th century, and, as was usual in the Dark Middle Ages continued well into the 14th century: sometimes there was no budget, other times there was budget but no pink marble. In the Dark Middle Ages you didn’t carry on a project changing your marbles.

As is usual with Romanesque architecture, the building may look bulky and way out of the golden rule for proportions, but its decoration is something to admire.

There is a frieze running along the walls, showing mythical characters, with each element being a micro masterpiece.

The Mermaid

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