I am What I Tweet: The Psychology of Modern Day Discourse


In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict there has been much outrage and jubilation, much anger and happiness, much screaming and shouting, both through voice and through words. In a column in yesterday’s Politico, television host Joe Scarborough notes with great dismay the “hyperbolic” discussions post-Zimmerman acquittal. I am not here to add to the vitriol on either side. I am here to talk about the middle. Where has it been and why has it gone the way of the dodo bird?


In the last few elections there has been much talk about the middle class, the voters in the middle often referred to as independent voters, the Middle East, Middle Kingdoms and so on. But if you ask me, the middle is becoming akin to the average waist size of a teenage model: non-existent. And we have social media to blame for that. Don’t get me wrong…

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